Prepared Media

All of our pre-poured plates are manufactured locally at our facility in Frederick, MD. We offer custom label options, including printing directly on the side of the Petri dish, single batch lots, long shelf-life and custom formulations. We can use standard Petri dishes or your custom container. Our products are prepared with the highest quality components. All prepared plates come in 20 plate units.

Our staff microbiologist oversees strict adherence to good manufacturing practices, proper aseptic technique and regular decontamination of production areas to ensure product sterility is not compromised. Finally, we perform sterility and growth performance tests on all finished product.

Baird Parker

Used for the detection and enumeration of Staphylococcus aureus in foods.


XLT-4 Agar

Xylose Lysine Tergitol-4 is a selective culture medium for the isolation and identification of non-typhi Salmonellae from food and environmental samples. It is similar to XLD agar however the agar is supplemented with the surfactant, Tergitol 4, which causes inhibition of Proteus spp. and other non-Salmonellae. Successful growth of Salmonella will result in growth of red colonies with a black center.


Double Modified Lysine Iron Agar (DMLIA)

DMLIA is recommended for the selective and differential isolation of Salmonella spp. from food. However, some Salmonella spp. could be overlooked on LIA due to their atypical appearance and the growth of non-salmonella Enterobacteriaceae. LIA was modified to provide better detection of hydrogen sulfide-positive and -negative strains through the addition of novobiocin, bile salts, lactose, and sucrose.


Brilliant Green Agar with Novobiocin

BGN: BG Sulfa Agar is a selective medium recommended for the isolation of Salmonellae other than S. typhi and S. paratyphi, from food samples. The addition of novobiocin to the medium reduces the incidence of competitor organisms with Salmonella.


Service Contracts

Our factory trained service engineers have the skills, qualifications and experience to properly deliver your lab’s instrument services. As an industry leader in providing state of the art laboratory automation and servicing of equipment, we have the expertise to consolidate all your service needs into one single, convenient agreement.

We know the importance of budgeting and planning ahead, so we grouped comprehensive types of laboratory maintenance and support into our various service plans. With a solution for every service that you might need, and to protect your lab against the unknown, our service plans let you choose the service level that meets your needs, goals and budget.


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