Leibinger Jet3 Printer

Leibinger Jet3 Printer

The JET3 printer connects seamlessly to the MediaFill plate pourer, providing your lab with total traceability by printing directly on the sides of Petri dishes as they are filled automatically by MediaFill. The JET3 can print up to 2 lines of text/data, barcodes and even images on the sides of dishes.


Compact, ergonomic design
Smaller footprint
No noxious smell due to recirculation of solvent – EcoSolv
Simple, intuitive programming
Fast start up for operation
Connection to LIMS
Print images as well as characters

Flexible Integration in your Lab

Numerous interfaces on the back of the printer make integration of the printer very easy. The JET3 offers connections for USB, Ethernet and digital I/O.

Easy Handling

The Windows-based interface provides for intuitive operation of the printer. The great variety of functions are clearly shown on the 10.4” touch display

Reliable and Ready for Use

The highest level of reliability is guaranteed with the automatic JET3 nozzle seal which closes the nozzle and return-line after shutdown. No drying or clogging can occur due to the closed ink circuit. Even after long-term shutdowns, clogging caused by dried ink can never happen with the JET3.

By pressing only one button, the printer starts and the nozzle seal opens automatically. JET3 is ready to print in one minute.


The minimal use of ink, solvent, energy as well as minimal maintenance provide the highest level of efficiency.


All Jet3 printers come standard with EcoSolv - solvent recycling system, which drastically reduces solvent consumption. The system condenses evaporated solvent and transfers it back to the reservoir tank, reducing solvent consumption by more than 50%.

No Fumes

EcoSolv also minimizes noxious odors from being released into your laboratory.

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